Dustin Carson


NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

National Personal Training Institute CPT

Hi! My name is Dustin! I am Founder of Move Fitness Studio and also a NSCA Certified Personal Trainer. I have a huge passion for all things fitness, especially resistance training. I fell in love with working out, athletics, and just being active in general at an early age! I have always enjoyed helping others, in any way possible. I thought to myself, ‘Why not combine two of the things I love to do, and make a career out of it?’ So back in 2005, a friend and I came across The National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) in Cleveland, OH. We endured 6 months of midnight shifts working in a factory, a 2 hour drive to NPTI, with 4-5 hours of class, a 2 hour drive back to Mt. Vernon, then sleeping for 3-5 hours. We did that 4 times a week. With that determination, we became certified personal trainers, which changed my life forever! 


After 16 years and counting in the fitness industry, I decided it was time for the new and exciting challenge of opening my own studio. I want to create a community in our studio, with our staff and our clients. Our goal is to strive everyday to help each other become Fitter. Healthier. Happier. mentally, physically, and emotionally. Full balance can rarely be achieved alone, that is why we must lift each other up daily in the areas we need help in. This is the community mindset we are hoping to instill at Move Fitness Studio. I didn’t just become a personal trainer because of my passion for fitness, but mostly to change lives for the better. I also really want to push and encourage people to discover what they can truly do when they set their mind to it. It’s a beautiful journey, so let’s get there together!