Catelen Ramsey

Masters in Social Work (MSW)

License Social Worker (LSW)

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Hi, I’m Catelen! My day job is working in mental health prevention with youth around franklin county; teaching life skills through sport. Personally, I have seen and felt the impact that my physical health plays on my mental health, this is what inspired me to obtain my personal training certification this year.


 I love people and seeing them succeed and reach goals! I wanted to become a trainer for the simple fact that I want to support people throughout their fitness journey, empowering them to live healthier and happier! I truly believe when people begin to move, GREAT things happen both with their body and mind! I want to spread the love and joy that fitness has brought me, to others. I am here to listen and help YOU!


Today’s culture tends to have us all comparing one another, and social media does not make that any easier. But there is so much strength in empowering others to level up just as you are leveling up too; Because once you feel the positive effects of fitness on your body and mind, you’ll want to empower others so they get that same feeling too. Daily, I ask myself this simple question, “How am I going to be a part of the ripple effect today that is going to continue to spread empowerment and joy to others?”


I have been blessed throughout my life and have had people throughout my journey pour into me and show me the impact that fitness can have on my mind which in return impacts my whole life and all the relationships in it. I would love nothing more than be able to continue to spread that same love and impact to others; and to continuation the ripple effect😊